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Ge Zhang was born in China. He has been drawing since about the age of 3. He starting drawing with pencils since he could remember, which made him very happy as a child. Drawing is the way Ge expresses his self, and his thoughts and feelings. He is commonly known for his illustrative, and graphic style, generally using varying line weights to give depth and atmosphere. Ge Zhang also attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he earned a degree. Once he finished art school in San Francisco, he moved back to Houston to be with family. He initially had an interest in the animation industry, wanting to work for Pixar, but was not very impressed with how quickly you move in the industry from project to project unknowing your fate, and having little security. He wanted more of a career he could count on in life, so he chose tattooing. Ge Zhang eventually found tattooing, and the tattoo industry. While in Houston, he ended up searching for a tattoo apprenticeship. He had a few struggles trying to find the right place, because he was very selective whom he would learn from. Ge ended up taking an apprentice ship with Spiro Kambitsis. Spiro was impressed with his artwork and drawing skills. Ge Zhang completed his apprenticeship and is now a full time tattoo artist who is dedicated to his craft. Art is a part of Ge, and he always gives it his best. Ge does not limit himself to one particular type of work or style, however if you are in the market for an illustrative masterpiece, you might want to consider Ge Zhang.

(Ge works at the Katy, Tx location)

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