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Hometown: Houston, TX

“I was never much into art.  I doodled here and there, but nothing serious until I was in high school.  I took an art class because I thought it would be easy.  I wasn’t very good at school, so I ended up skipping school a lot. I was sent to an alternative school where I sat next to a guy who was doing something that I have never seen before.  I asked the guy about it, and it ended up being graffiti.  I was hooked from day one, putting my name anywhere and everywhere.  I was constantly being caught and getting into trouble, always falling in with the wrong crowd.  One day, I was driving by a tattoo shop with one of my friends, and my friend said, “Go in there and get a machine.” I replied, “ok”.  As it turns out, I knew a guy working at that shop. My friend said he would buy me a machine.  My tattoo artist friend asked me to come by the next day.  The next day came, and while I was waiting, I began drawing on the desk.  One of the other tattoo artists saw me sitting there and said, “Hey kid, you want to learn to do this?” Again, knowing nothing about it, anything sounded better than fixing sewing machines, so I promptly agreed and the rest is history.  I started working at the Electric Chair in Houston, TX. I have worked at a few other shops along the way, and five years later, I am proud to say I am here at Artistic Impressions.  Hobbies I like outside of work are collecting comic books, and graffiti.  I have travelled all over the world making graffiti; from London, to Australia, to Mexico, and all over the U.S.  I hope to see you on your next visit.”

(Chase works at the Katy, Tx location)

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