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Tattoos have always been in my life since I could remember, I was surrounded by them. I come from a family of tattooers. My dad, my brother, and my cousins are tattooers, so tattooing is something that comes natural. I started tattooing when I was 17 on my friends. From there the rest was history. I worked in a local shop in Rosenberg where the owner gave me my first shot at working in a real shop!!! This shop was not just any shop. For me it was where my cousins, my father and even my brother worked so it seemed like the best place to start making tattoos a full time career. I learned a lot in my time at this shop. The owner was not only a friend, but a mentor in my journey for tattooing. I tattoo anything from black and grey to color. I don’t stick to any style of tattooing because I like it all. I hope to catch you in the shop so we can make some awesome art and have some good laughs!!

(Freddie works at the Katy, Tx location)

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