Piercing Pricing

Ear Piercing

Earlobe $30 and up

Daith/Helix/Cartilage $40 and up

Rook/Snug/Anti-Tragus $50 and up

Conch/Tragus $40 and up

Industrial $60 and up

Basic Body Piercing

Nipple $40 and up

Navel $40 and up

Nostril $40 and up

Septum $40 and up

Lip $50 and up

Labret/Monroe $40 and up

Tongue $50 and up

Eyebrow $40 and up

Micro-dermal $80 each

Surface piercings (Ask for price)

Male Genital Piercing

Prince Albert $100

Frenum $80 and up

Female Genital Piercing

Vertical Clitoral Hood $100

Horizontal Clitoral Hood $100

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