"Got my nose pierced here about 4 years ago and they were so clean and organized. I love them, going back this weekend to get my cartilage pierced, maybe even a tattoo 😊
Nicole Frosch
"This shop is amazing. It's clean, has great decors, and more importantly GREAT artists. I've been here for three tattoos, all done by Spiro! (Get with him he's AMAZING) I've been to other tattoo shops around the greater Houston/Sugar Land area, and for some reason I keep coming back to this one! Get booked now!"
Richard Dang
"The entire building was super clean, everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly, and the piercer was very professional. He did a beautiful job with my piercings and made me feel safe throughout the entire procedure. He was knowledgeable and gave some awesome advice for aftercare. Definitely a place I'd come back to for more work."
Meghan Moel
"I wanted a tattoo and I asked around and I heard about this shop. Let me just say they are the most wonderful people ever. I was gettong my first tattoo and my artist was Spiro, and he knew that i was nervous and this was my first one mind you, he tried to comfort me the best way possible when i was getting my tattoo. Now im in the armed services. Unfortunately, i had to cancel a couple appointments and he was more than willing to work with me crazy hectic schedule. I got my first tattoo here and I will return to get others. "
Sarah Haviland
"I went to Spiro with an idea I had for a tattoo and he brought my vision to life. The time an effort he put into creating this for me really shows that he is an artist to his core an represents every sense of the word. This was the best tattoo experience I've ever had and now know that for any future work, I'll be going to see Spiro at Artistic Impressions. My tattoo came out the way I imagined it and couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend Artist Impressions to anyone who is wanting phenomenal work with fair prices. Check them out! You will NOT be disappointed!"
Tyler Terpstra
"I had a tattoo done here by Tyler and I am SO happy with the work! They were professional and timely, they even sent me reminders for my appointment as if I wasn't counting down the minutes already! I felt comfortable and relaxed during the process and left a very satisfied customer. I will for sure be back"
Heather Leigh
"I just recently had my tattoo done by Andrew, he does an outstanding job with line-work and shading, definitely cares about his work, I couldn't be more satisfied with it. Not to mention the shop is incredibly sterile and it's a very mellow environment."
"I have gotten five tattoos at Artistic Impressions all done by Henry. I absolutely love going there the artists are all friendly and it is a very clean shop. I would recommend going there they are very talented and amazing individuals. Now that I have been there, I would not go anywhere else to get my tattoos done!"
Deserae Moore
"I visited Artistic Impressions recently for a nose piercing. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Jay, the piercer, was extremely knowledgeable about all piercings and he made me feel very calm about the whole process. Everything was sanitary and he helped me with aftercare and explained any questions I had. I totally recommend coming here for any piercings you need!"
Ariana Agron
"Tyler just completed a large back piece for me that took three sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. I came to him with the ideas and he nailed the design all the way around. This is the cleanest shop I’ve ever been in and while getting tattooed the staff is all very friendly and professional. These guys and shop get an A + across the board from me! Thanks Artistic Impressions."
Dustin C
"I just recently had my second piece designed and tattooed by Spiro and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more! It was a memorial piece for my late husband and I would not have entrusted that task to anyone but him. He is an amazing artist and I recommend him to anyone that I know that is looking to get work done! The shop is very professional. Everything runs so smoothly from the time you book your appointment and go in for a consultation and then finally your appointment for the tattoo. You receive reminders for everything. I am always beyond happy with the services and the friendly staff."
Amanda Leblanc
I can only say incredible things about this studio! The owner is professional and cares about his business and his customers. The competent team of artists are talented and draw, paint and enter art shows on their down time. I was lucky enough to have Spiro create my tattoo, a cover up of an old tattoo and he’s done an amazing job in an ongoing project. I knew I was in good hands from the first email and consultation with his creative sketches and his kind manner. I refer all my friends and family. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and wouldn’t go to any other studio in Houston again.
Kimberly Harris
I decided that it was time to get my third tattoo which I had wanted to for a year or so. I am new to the area, and thus didn’t really have someone who could point me in the direction of a tattoo shop, so I yelped it and Artistic Impressions was the first that came up. I called beforehand to see if they were busy, and I talked to Danny who very nicely invited me to come over to the shop and check out their setup and artwork. I was pretty anxious about going in, partly because I don’t know much about tattooing. But even more so because getting tattoos is always very personal for me, both the experience and the design, and can be difficult to share with a stranger. After feeling like I was stumbling over my first couple words, I told Danny what I had in mind, and he directed me to a couple of books of the artists work while he helped someone else. Then he came over and we started chatting. Wow, I was not expecting the ensuing conversation. He answered all the questioned I had about tattooing. Everything from the equipment, to his first tattoo, even to how he got into tattooing. It’s rare that I hit it off with someone as well as I did with Danny. We chatted even after they were closing up. Anyway, long story short, Danny is an awesome dude who truly wants to make, not only the tattoo badass, but also the experience. He’s got some mind-blowing artwork and has experience with graphic design. I went into the shop the next day with the design I had drawn up, and Danny transferred it lickity-split. He answered all the questions I had about the gun, sanitation, and tattoo techniques. I went in with my own design this time, but if I’m around Houston when I get some ideas for number 4, I will mos def have him work his magic!
John Laughlin
I have been there twice and both times I had a very pleasurable experience. The place is very clean, something you don’t normally get the feeling from at other tattoo establishments. The artists and owner Spiro are very talented and friendly… I definitely will go there again and have recommended it to friends wanting a tattoo!!
Cindy Kendrick
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