Starting at $80
Male Genital Piercing
  • Prince Albert $100
  • Frenum $80 and up
  Female Genital Piercing
  • Vertical Clitoral Hood $100
  • Horizontal Clitoral Hood $100


Starting at $40
  • Nipple $40 and up
  • Navel $40 and up
  • Nostril $40 and up
  • Septum $40 and up
  • Lip $50 and up
  • Labret/Monroe $40 and up
  • Tongue $50 and up
  • Eyebrow $40 and up
  • Micro-dermal $80 each
  • Surface piercings (Ask for price)


$30 and up
  • Earlobe / $30 and up
  • Conch/Tragus / $40 and up
  • Daith/Helix/Cartilage / $40 and up
  • Rook/Snug/Anti-Tragus / $50 and up
  • Industrial / $60 and up

Piercings at Artistic Impressions


At Artistic Impressions, our piercer only uses single-use, hollow point needles.  We do not use piercing guns, which are commonly used by boutique stores and kiosks that offer ear piercing services.  Most piercings are done with a 14 or 16 gauge needle.  Our Body Piercer is in the studio Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Appointments are not necessary for piercings.



All jewelry is sterilized before use.  We offer a large variety of body jewelry to suit anyone’s personal taste.  We carry a selection of plain jewelry, jewelry with gems in an array of colors and settings, and anodized colored jewelry.  Initial piercing jewelry starts at 316LVM, which is a surgical grade stainless steel.  We also carry up to Grade 23 Titanium at an additional cost for customers who have very sensitive skin.

We also carry a large selection of jewelry for healed piercings, such as navel dangles, plugs, and less expensive 316L stainless steel.  We will not pierce with this jewelry and recommend that it only be worn for short periods of time to avoid irritation.


If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or legal guardian present to get a piercing.  Both the minor and the parent/legal guardian must have a photo ID.  A School ID may be used for the minor as long as a copy of a Birth Certificate is present.  Parents or Legal Guardians must have a Government issued ID.  If the minor is under the care of a legal guardian other than a biological parent, we will need a copy of court papers showing guardianship.

We do not pierce the ears of babies.  Your child must be at least 5 years of age to get their ears pierced.  If a child’s ears are pierced at too young of an age, the piercing may not stay centered in the ear lobe.  Ear piercings for young children will only done at the piercer’s discretion. A piercer may decline to pierce a young child’s ears if he decides that the child’s anatomy is not appropriate to house the piercing and/or the child is too frightened. For facial piercings, we require minors to be at least 13 years old.

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